Milan is a beautiful city located in one of the most well known countries of the world. The city draws a very large number of tourists every year each of which visit the city for different purposes. Although, there is a lot that can be done in the city, but the issue that most of the people face is that of the budget and the price. If you are visiting Milan on a budget and you wish to visit places which are free of cost then you should go for these below mentioned places.

      1. Alleys Of Brera

Brera is a town in its own and is one of the most visited places in Milan. The alley comes with a very quaint vibes which are the best to enjoy for free. Apart from the alleys there are many other things like the clubs and the walkways in the area.

      2. Visit The acquario

Acquario is a very beautiful buildings designed with utter perfection. You can visit the place from the outside and get yourself clicked on the beautiful background of the acquario. The place comes with the hippo fountain and fish like carvings on the building.

      3. The canals at the sunset

Milan harbors some very pretty canals that are admired during the sunset. Talking a walk around the canals and just admiring the scenic beauty will fill you up with pure ecstasy. There are multiple things that you can do around the canal and all for free.

      4. Vicolo Dei Lavandai

This place is a must visit for all those who are much interested in the history and the stories from the ancient times. The place was once used as the laundry site of the city nad you can still spot some of the laundry stones which were used back in those times.

      5. Take A stroll Around Parco Sempione

Parco sempione is known to be the green colored heart of Milan and is much visited by tourists. It is a very huge parkland ideal for taking stroll during the evening time. If you think that this is just a regular park then you are highly mistaken, there are multiple specialities of the park. It is ideal for playing sports and picnicking in the city.

      6. Visit The Civic Museums

Museums of Milan come with all the different feels and have everything that you expect from a decent museum. There are very large number of museums in the city and you can get a free entry in each of them. Enjoying the ride to historic times is all free in the country.

These are the few things out of innumerable things that you can do for free. In order to visit any of these places or any other place in the city make sure that you make use of Milan airport transfers. They provide you a hassle free and luxurious ride to any place you wish to visit in city and picks you up right from the airport.

10 Things To Do In Milan For Free