Unique Ways to Lead a Stress Free Peaceful Life

‘’I am really stressed because of the job over-expectation’’, ‘’my kids exams have really stressed me out’’ are these not normal conversations we hear all day long?

Stress is no new phenomenon. This existed in the Stone Age too and is prevalent in this century as well. The intensity has definitely escalated. As simple living and small pleasures got replaced by complex societal norms and professional credits, life became a mix of physiological, emotional, social and professional turmoil’s causing anxiety better known as stress.


To many’s surprise stress can be a good thing. A stressful situation if managed well can propel one forward in accomplishing the task causing anxiety.

But this is quite rare, most of the times when adrenaline in released owing to a situation of discomfort, a person might lose his thinking cap and fumble, fail.

  • Stress if prolonged in nature
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