How I Found the Perfect Hotel in Brooklyn, NY

It is no secret that searching for a hotel for your vacation is a big headache. Not “can be” a big headache. It is for sure a massive headache. A quick look through TripAdvisor under any city in the world will give you dozens upon dozens of options. These large travel sites are supposed to make your decision easier. And yet, they have made it more difficult. So, how do you narrow down and filter properly in order to find a great place to stay? After all, vacations are essentially paid experiences. No one wants to remember anything negative from a trip.

Focus on the Customer Reviews

I recently took a trip to Brooklyn, NY. Years ago, no one in their right mind would travel to Brooklyn as a vacation destination. However, with the rise of places like DUMBO and the Barclay’s Center, in addition to the hipster lifestyle of … Read the rest

Delightful, Bold Bagan

In the focal district of Mandalay in Myanmar the antiquated city of Bagan would now be able to be visited. For a long time Myanmar was obviously a shut, shrouded nation, however since the legislative changes it is currently tolerating numerous voyagers every year. The city of Bagan has been here since the ninth century and amid the tallness of its forces between the eleventh and thirteenth hundreds of years, up to ten thousand sanctuaries, cloisters and pagodas were worked here. Throughout the years many have fallen into demolish and numerous more vanished inside and out. Anyway two thousand two hundred and twenty nine remain, making this a standout amongst the most captivating spots to visit in all of Southeast Asia.

Flying into Bagan in the early morning gives superb perspectives of the sanctuaries, peering through the fog covered greenery. This is an extremely rich zone and the entire city … Read the rest