Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Earth, attracting more visitors than major cities like Paris and London year after year. However, it’s also known as the hottest city in the world, on average, which means the summer and spring months can be tough to handle if you have a low tolerance for excessively hot and humid weather. Since it doesn’t really stay cold at any time of the year, the winter is definitely one of the most comfortable seasons to visit Thailand’s capital, particularly for the following four reasons:

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1. Avoiding the Rainy Season

The rainy season reaches its peak around September-October in Bangkok. After that, the weather starts to dry up significantly in November and December, with January and February offering some of the coolest conditions. You can find plenty of budget hotels in Bangkok near Sukhumvit – one of the city’s most modern and bustling areas. Visiting any part of Thailand during the rainy season is a horrible idea because you won’t be able to enjoy much sightseeing in the midst of the violent floods and monsoons. With winter being the dryest time of the year, it’s easy to see why the holidays are the most popular time for tourists to visit Bangkok.

2. Winter Weather is Still Nice

With cold weather phenomena being relatively rare, Bangkok is still very much a tropical paradise during the winter months. In fact, it’s still relatively warm and on most days, the temperatures will feel a lot like spring does in other areas of the world. In fact, the ability to escape frigid climates and come to Thailand for a summer-like winter vacation is one of the reasons why this city has become the world’s most popular tourist destination in recent years. In many ways, Thailand is to the world what Florida is to the U.S, although in recent years there have been odd, newsworthy days when the temperatures have dipped below 20 degrees for short periods.

3. Seeing the Sights without Sweating

If you visit Thailand during the spring or summer months, you’re going to be doing a lot of sweating – there’s no way around it. Nobody likes having to change clothes multiple times per day. The high humidity levels coupled with record-breaking temperatures make for a guaranteed sweat-a-thon from April to August. So, unless spending a vacation in an outdoor sauna sounds fun to you, you’d probably enjoy the cooler and drier months of winter in Bangkok.

4. Enjoying the Holiday Festivities

Bangkok is literally packed with tourists during the Christmas and New Year Holiday seasons. While you might want to avoid the crowds, there are multiple reasons why everyone waits until this time of year to visit Thailand (see above). Most tourist destinations can become uncomfortable when overcrowded, but the holiday attractions and celebrations only serve to make Bangkok even more fun and vibrant.

Winter in Tropical Thailand Feels Like Summer in Most Places

In closing, the most obvious reason to visit Bangkok in the winter is to escape the cold temperatures of your local climate. With Thailand’s abundance of affordable hospitality accommodations, you could book a few weeks (or months) and spend your winter soaking up the sun, scenery, and delicious Thai cuisine instead of staring out the window at a snow-covered ground.

4 Reasons to Visit Bangkok in the Winter