Frequent travelers will invariably tell you that there’s something about traveling on your own that just can’t be found in group travels. If you have not yet experienced what it means to go on a solo trip, it is highly recommended that you try it out and Bangkok could be the perfect destination for that. However, solo traveling does require people to be more responsible and extra careful, so here are a few tips to remember.

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Buy Your Prepaid SIM Right from the Airport

That smartphone you have won’t be of much use in Bangkok unless you have a local SIM card in it; get yours from the Suvarnabhumi Airport itself. The only things you will need to get a SIM card are your passport and, of course, the money necessary to make the purchase. There are seven-day plans available for short stays, so don’t overspend on a 30-day plan that you have absolutely zero use for. Get something with a decent data plan because depending on Wi-Fi at all times in Bangkok is not wise.

Stay in a Hostel

Bangkok Thailand hostels are not only a lot cheaper than hotels, but they also have a number of advantages over traditional hotels as well. The dorm rooms are great even if you are traveling in a group, but here are some of the advantages it has exclusively for solo travelers.

  • Everything is cheaper than a hotel with similar facilities, which is a huge relief when you have no one to share expenses with
  • If you are willing to stay in a dorm, you will meet other fellow travelers, which is always exciting
  • If you choose to share your room or stay in a dorm, the rent would be even cheaper
  • Reputed companies such as Lub d offer all amenities from Wi-Fi to laundry services, making them a better value for money compared to hotels

Trust App Cabs More than Tuk Tuks and Local Cabs

If you get in a tuk-tuk or a local cab, make sure that you specify exactly where you need to go and pre-decide on a fare because if you don’t, the language gap and the general tendency to get a little more out of the foreigner might cost you a lot more bahts than it should! Try app cabs like Grab, since Uber is no longer an option in Thailand. Also, most tuk-tuk drivers have a tendency to drive dangerously and in complete disregard of the local traffic rules.

Learn a Few Thai Words

Bangkok has a  lot of English speakers and almost everybody speaks and understands at least a few English words, but it is still a better idea to learn some of the basic terms and phrases, such as the following.

  • Hello: Sawatdii
  • Excuse me: koortoot
  • Bathroom: Hongnaam
  • Hungry: Hiu
  • Thank you: Khop-khun-kup (male) and Khop-khun-ka (female)
  • What is your name: Kun chuu aria

As a bonus tip, remember to never carry too much cash with you, even if you are in a group because Bangkok does have a good number of pickpockets. Keep everything valuable locked in your hostel room.

4 Tips for that Solo Trip to Bangkok