Imagine escaping to a heavenly island where the price tags are surprisingly affordable, beaches sublime and magnificent, climate blissful, views mind-blowing, architecture arresting and warm, welcoming people?  Yes, we are talking about Sri Lanka, the tiny island country that has an endless list of attractions to entice Indian travellers.

With an abundance of gorgeous golden beaches, stunning green landscape, mouth-watering cuisine, beautiful temples, mesmerising locales and a rich culture, Sri Lanka is a lovely place to visit! The pearl shaped island may appear tiny but has a lot to offer. No wonder the small strip of land in the Indian Ocean is turning out to be hot tourist destination! Let’s dwell on why Sri Lanka is a popular getaway for Indians seeking a refreshing change.

  1. Ease of Travel:

As a tourist destination, Sri Lanka is ideal for Indian citizens since it’s not too far from home. Travelling to their lovely Southern neighbour is easy. Many travel companies and start-ups offer lucrative packages and amazing deals on hotels/flights to the exotic Isle. Visa cost is very low and customs clearance a piece of cake. What’s more, apart from the Sri Lankan Airlines and Air India there are many other international carriers like Singapore Airlines, Air Arabia, Jet Airways, etc. that take just a few hours to help you reach Colombo.

  1. Affordability:

The region is perfect for vacationers not too keen on an expensive overseas trip. Thanks to economically priced accommodation, cheap public transport/food, and affordable shopping, a short holiday to the island doesn’t burn a big hole in the wallet. And best of all, the airfare of direct Delhi to Colombo flights is pocket-friendly which works like a dream for budget travellers.

  1. Vibrant Place:

Sri Lanka is home to some gorgeous coconut palm-lined beaches and beautifully designed resorts. All this coupled with blissful weather makes the isle a perfect retreat for a short break. Also, there is so much to see and dabble in. You can enjoy therapeutic Ayurveda oil massages/herbal treatments, wildlife, exquisite scenic views or visit world-class national parks, beautiful temples, famous tea plantations, spice gardens, archaeological sites and ancient Buddhist relics to garner an unforgettable experience. And let’s not forget the amazing street fair, sumptuous seafood, signature Sri Lankan curries, fresh tropical fruits and an array of flavoured delicacies for the Indian palate.

  1. A Plethora of Activities:

The magical island has tons of adrenaline-charged activities. From surfing, water skiing, snorkelling, kayaking, canoeing to wreck-diving and white water rafting in the rapids, there are so many invigorating water sports for adventurous junkies and thrill seekers. That’s not all! You can also go on wildlife safaris, bird/whale watching, cycling, hiking, trekking, rock climbing, or explore Sri Lanka’s rainforest and unique landscape on nature trails.

  1. Go Shopping:

Sri Lanka is just perfect for shopaholics. Colombo, the capital city, has chic boutiques for designer wear, home décor, high-end stores, galleries and lovely malls. Furthermore, you can hit the local markets to pick up souvenirs like unique masks, ethnic hand-crafted items, wood carvings, batik paintings, tea, spices etc. And yes, you can clinch some great bargains on your shopping spree.

In a nutshell, Sri Lanka has all the ingredients for a fun-filled holiday within a decent budget! No big surprise the luscious island is luring Indians to its lovely shores.

5 reasons that make Sri Lanka a hot tourist destination for Indians