A Guide to Holidays in the USA If you are planning to travel to the United States for a few years, you should really get to know what it is like there and really become familiar with the seasons and holidays there. You will have to learn how to speak in English if you every plan to go to America; some other things you will have to learn is their ethics and culture. Also what most people should know about is the federal holidays in America. If you are going to the United States of America because you want to find work there, you should really be familiar with the federal holidays. If you are aware of the US holidays, you will be forewarned about any no business day if you are a business man on a trip to the US. If you are going to the US for school, knowing all the major holidays is important because if you do not know them, you may find yourself at the school and there is no class because it is a holiday. Some people who do not know about the holidays in America, often find themselves left out and wondering why the stores are closed and things like that. You can now participate in any holiday if you are well aware of them and really enjoy the season. Let us take a look at the federal holidays in the United States of America. New Year’s Day is usually celebrated in a lot of countries as the first day of the year; America is one such country that celebrates this newness, too. This holiday is a global holiday that most countries around the world know about and celebrate. Some offices will be closed down during New Year’s Day, but many will still be operational.
Lessons Learned from Years with Holidays
The next holiday is the Martin Luther King Day, which occurs on the 18th day of January. The next month, on the 15th day of February is President’s Day. However, President’s Day is only considered and celebrated in some states in America. So make sure if you are residing in a state that celebrates President’s Day on the 15th of February. On April, Americans would go out and celebrate Emancipation Day which is on the 15th.
Lessons Learned from Years with Holidays
Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are both celebrated on May. Mother’s day occurs on the 2nd Sunday of May and is not considered a public holiday. Memorial Day is on the last Monday of May. On the 3rd Sunday in June is Father’s day, which is also not considered a public holiday. The last and most important holiday in America happens on July 4; which is America’s Independence Day. This is perhaps the holiday that is most celebrated all throughout the country. Because America became independent at this time, many, many Americans go all out to celebrate what their forefathers have accomplished.

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