How to apply like this can be done by couples who choose to express love to their partner through simple things, make no mistake. How to apply this can be very romantic you can buy him/her some accessories like an engagement ring box, flowers, gift and many other.

  1. The first place met.

You must have the first place to meet your partner. Here you can spend time and nostalgia about your love journey. Surely this place will be a historic place for you guys.

  1. Activities he likes.

You can join your spouse doing activities that he likes then propose to him. in this way he will know if you stay there beside him any kind of activities that he likes.

  1. Birthday party.

This way you can choose because he is not only happy because it is proposed on a special day, but because the whole family and friends who are at his birthday party can be a witness to your important moments.

  1. Public places

Applying in this way will surely make you and your partner the center of attention. Everyone who sees it will witness your important moments. There may be some who think you are excessive, but ignore it.

  1. Social media

Ever thought of applying for your lover through social media? You can apply for your lover through social media with a video call to get married while offering a ring and flowers. Maybe look silly, but creative and romantic really.

  1. Dinner

This method is probably the most widely used by most people. Try a little creative with different new ideas to make your romantic dinner more memorable.

  1. Favorite place

For you may not have the first place to meet. Do not worry, you can take advantage of your favorite places to apply. Because there you are used to spending time together that must have a lot of happy memories.

  1. His favorite book

If your lover likes to read books, this way you can choose ay. You can slip a ring in the middle of her favorite love-themed book. Simple, but definitely romantics for him.

  1. In front of the house

Imagine when you at home suddenly heard the noise from the yard. It turns out your lover has stood with a bunch of flowers and accompanied by a romantic song. Romance certainly will not be forgotten even though you become a neighbor spectacle.

Well, anyhow applying the important way is your sincerity to set foot together to face the future.

9 Romantic Scenarios to Apply Your Beloved