Ways of Improving Oral Hygiene If you want to properly take care of your teeth, you need to brush twice daily, floss daily and use fluoride to strengthen your teeth. Some people still do not know the importance of proper care of teeth even though most are aware. Bad breath, yellow teeth, decay and gum disease are the results of not brushing your teeth. The probability of you getting this conditions are high if you do not properly care for your teeth. Not being in the group of people that do not care for their teeth needs you to understand the importance of proper teeth care. There are a couple of steps that can be followed to ensure healthier teeth and gums and a clean and pleasant breath. Walk into a bathroom with a toothbrush and a suitable toothpaste, this is the first step. There are companies that offer free samples of toothbrushes and toothpastes which you can get. Before applying the toothpaste to your brush you should turn on the water to moisten the brush. Toothpaste the size of a pea should be applied on the brush before you begin brushing. Start by brushing the outer parts of the teeth so that it becomes easy to clean the inner parts . Hold the brush at a 45 degree angle from your gum line and brush your teeth in circular motions. If you exert unnecessary pressure to your teeth while brushing it might cause harm therefore gentle brushing is recommended. After finishing brushing the outer teeth, brushing of the inner teeth should follow. The brush should be held vertically for you to able to brush the inner sides of teeth. The side of the brush that normally brushes the inner teeth is the tip of the brush. Brushing of the rear teeth like molars needs focus on the tooth gaps as they accumulate plaque, bacteria and food particles. Brush your tongue after you have completed brushing all your teeth. The accumulation of bacteria on the tongue should be brushed off to ensure a clean mouth and fresh breath. The other side of the brush is best for brushing the tongue as it is gentle on the sensitive tongue. When the brushing process is done you should rinse your mouth and make a point of flossing your teeth. This ensures dirt is not left in between the teeth. Rinse the mouth again after flossing so that the mouth remains completely clean. The best way to rinse out your mouth is by using a mouthwash that has fluoride and antibacterial agents. For proper oral hygiene, follow these steps. Clean your teeth this way daily. 5 Uses For Health

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