Dubai is not just a cosmopolitan and modern leader of trade and commerce in the Middle East and of the world anymore. It is progressing by leaps and bounds in the areas of tourism, hospitality and holiday destinations as well. Dubai is home to hundreds of elegantly designed shopping malls and compounds where shopaholic tourists can shop to their heart’s content.

Dubai is also home to various duty-free shops where phenomenal goods of the highest quality are available. From luxury chocolates to elegant watches, everything is available in Dubai. Dubai is also home to some of the world’s most luxurious and plush hotels.

Dubai is surely transforming into a desert wonderland, like a magical city out of the ancient Arabian Knights. One fantastic addition to Dubai that will attract hordes of visitors is the Dubai Safari, Dubai’s premier eco-amusement park, and zoo.

New Additions

Dubai Safari Park will bring you the very best in Desert Safari that Dubai has to offer. You can expect that a large number of restaurants, cafes, exhibits will be opened and many new animals will be made available for viewing when the park reopens after summer renovations on October 1, 2018. Dubai Safari Park is a primary part of Dubai city tours and you need to devote an entire day to it to do it justice.

New animal attractions include many different species of birds, sea lions, otters and even gazelles. There will also be a new theatre opened so that your children can learn more about animals and nature in a fun-filled environment. There will also be an app launched that will implement a timed queue system so that waiting times can be reduced for all visitors.


Not only will the new and revamped Dubai Desert Safari Park have various fun and educational activities for kids, but it will also introduce some adrenaline-fuelled activities that will attract lots and lots of adults as well.

These activities are sure to awake the adventurer and adrenaline junkie in you. The Dubai Safari Park is currently installing bungee jumping and zip-lining activities to quench your thirst for some adrenaline. There will also be a separate zip-line that will be operated for the sake of adventurous and boisterous children.

Ecological Importance

The park will be a wonderful way of enforcing the UAE’s law that prohibits the ownership, trading, and breeding of exotic or dangerous animals. After these animals are confiscated from the homes of people who keep them, they shall be rehabilitated through Dubai Desert Safari Park. The park shall oversee the welfare and rehabilitation of many confiscated exotic creatures like monkeys, lions, cheetahs and even snakes.

So, you can understand that Dubai will be an amazing place to visit in the coming months. Pack your bags, grab your passports, book tickets and set off for an unforgettable time with your family.

Adventure In The Desert