Agriturismo has now become a word that many people use when talking about vacation, some because they have never tried it, others because they have heard it, others because they really are interested. But what is really a vacation in a agriturismo?

Going on a vacation in an agriturismo does not mean giving up the city of art in italy. A holiday in agriturismo means sleeping in the wild, in places far from noise and chaos, where the tranquility reigns and where to wake up and the noise of the birds or the sun filtering through the windows. Many agritourisms are also just a few kilometers away from the most important art cities.

We find together the 10 good reasons to choose an agriturismo for your next vacation, even eventually in winter.

1. Open Air: a holiday in agriturismo opens the heart and the lungs. It has been scientifically proven by now that prolonged contact with nature helps not only the body but also the mind to regenerate, calm and recover quickly from stress;
2. Harmony with Nature: agruturismo holidays means vacation in respect of the environment. A close relationship with nature is therefore also advisable for families who want to teach their children what it means to respect what surrounds us;
3. Integration with Landscape: Especially in Italy, the agriturismo engages perfectly with the nature of the surrounding landscape. Between mountainous hills, hillsides, rivers and lakes or even the sea, Italy is full of stunning scenery that is further exalted by the presence of receptive structures that can bring people closer to these natural beauties;
4. Relaxation: After months and months of commitments, there is really nothing more relaxing than a sunset seen from a hill, a good wine on display while admiring the evening view or a regenerating massage while listening to the chirping of the birds;
5. Sport Holidays: horseback or mountain biking, swimming or walking, everyone can have fun in a agriturismo and make the holiday tailor-made for every need;
6. Courtesy and hospitality: a typical aspect of peasant people, rightly maintained by every farm, is the human warmth and beauty of healthy and genuine relationships made of smiles and generosity;
7. Children’s Spaces: With a vacation in a agriturismo, farewell to the four walls. The green of the woods and the blue of the sky and the sea will color the holidays of the little ones, giving them beautiful memories for when they will return to school;
8. Well eating: even the palate wants its part and in the agriturismo the greatest satisfaction comes from the local dishes, rich in flavor and scents that have been forgotten;
9. Biological Agriculture: Most agritourisms, in the recovery of a healthy and genuine tradition, cultivate almost all the products used to prepare the dishes directly on site;
10. Love for animals: In breeding or in the wild state, staying in a agriturismo is always a new discovery. In this way you will be able to know many species of animals and be able to admire them closely.

Agriturismo for vacation