Fifth Ave‎: One of the best Christmas destinations in NY

Fifth Ave Avenue is certainly one of the most popular holiday shopping and best Christmas destinations of the holiday season, and a stroll down 5th Avenue between 59th Street and 39th Street (Lord & Taylor) will make you feel the festive spirit of the Christmas holiday (if the choking congestion does not lead to The evil creature Girinc emerges from the inside of you. The beautifully decorated and lighted shop windows are among the city’s best highlights, including the windows of the Bergdorf Goodman shop at 58th Street and the Tiffany & Co. store. (At 57th Street), Henri Bendel (56th Street), Saks Fifth Avenue (49th Street), and Lord & Taylor (39th Street). The hotels along the prestigious Walk of Fame also offer highlights. Highlights include the Plaza (59th Street), The Peninsula New York (55th Street), the Rockefeller Center (between 49th and 50th Street) It is one of our best choices … Read the rest

Incredible India – What makes it one?

India one of the most stunning and scenicallybeautiful countries of Southeast Asia has a rich culture, vivid scenery, breath-taking monuments, and profound history. A country that has inherited some of the incredible castles and forts in the world is also the home to flamboyant and glitzy five-star hotels.This country will take you on a tour where you will visit a fantastic combination of affluent history and jubilant present. A lot of things in India make it incredible.

  1. Swim with fishes

The Andaman Islands of India are famous for their mystic white sand, scenic coastline, and mesmerizing turquoise water. These islands are located to the southeast of the Bay of Bengal with coral reef surrounding it. Tourists visiting India should mark this place in their diary. It’s a magical destination where you can swim in clear, warm waters of Andaman with fishes and coral reef. The natural beauty that India is … Read the rest