Ever see a woman become so disgusted with a guy they are talking to that they just walk away in anger? It’s not a hard thing to do. Men who go up to a woman and spark a conversation are opening the door to a massive potential failure. It’s happened to every guy who approaches a woman they don’t know. So, what makes this happen? If the guy is being a pompous jerk, it isn’t hard to imagine the situation playing out. But, it is not often this. Usually, a woman just walks away because she is disinterested.

There is a line. A quick step over the line will cause a woman to walk away. Interestingly, most guys just stand near the line long enough that they have exhausted their welcome. There is a line that can be crossed if done smartly. Unfortunately, most guys just linger too close to it for a bit too long. In practice, this can mean a number of things.

The Line of Touch: Touching can be okay. A hand on a shoulder. A quick hug. These things are okay. But, like anything, they can be overdone. Use a touch once or twice in a ten-minute conversation, but not more.

The Line of Space: How about just space? Is there a time where a guy can be too close for too long? Of course, and it happens all the time. Keep a few feet. If she says something great, lean in. If she is pulling back, pull back as well. Mirror her movements and keep a close eye on the line of space.

The Line of Money: Buy a woman a drink. But, a second round is a different matter. There is a line where a guy buys too many drinks and it becomes either obnoxious or needy. It can also allow the guy to be taken advantage of. A single drink is a kind gesture. Four of them could leave a bad impression- and an empty wallet.

Men should get near the line. But, like the sun, it can burn. Use the line as a tool to build attraction. Be respectful and considerate of touching, space, and buying drinks. For more on How to Pick Up Girls Easily, visit http://www.albaladcomores.com/how-to-pick-up-girls-anywhere-at-anytime/.

How to Get Near the Line, But Not Over It, when Talking, Flirting, and Meeting Women