Getting a good night’s sleep is very important.  It is no different when you go camping gear. Sleeping bags are probably the most popular type of camp bedding.  Knowing what to look for when buying a Coleman Sleeping Bag will help you get the best value for your money.  Here are some things to look for when you go shopping for your next sleeping bag.

Make sure you check out the zipper before you buy your sleeping bag.  Many sleeping bags now come with stiffeners in the zipper draft tubes.  This helps keep the zipper from getting snagged.

When buying a sleeping bag, consider your sleeping style.  If you sleep on your side or move around a lot in your sleep, a stretch bag will be more comfortable.  A sleeping bag that can be secured to a sleeping pad will keep the bag securely on the pad.  Some sleeping bags come with a trapezoidal foot box.  This is good for people who sleep on their backs.  The foot box allows your feet to stick up naturally.  If you tried a mummy bag and felt claustrophobic, perhaps you could try a modified mummy bag.  Although a rectangular bag weighs more, it may be worth it if you decide the mummy bag is not for you.  You want your bag to fit you closely, but not tightly.  A bag that is too big will waste your body heat and minimize warmth.

Sleeping bags that are made with goose down will give the most loft (ability to be fluffed up) and has the most insulating power for its weight.  Down sleeping bags compress the most for back packing.  Down can adapt to temperature changes.  The downside is that down loses insulating power when it is wet.  Some people are allergic to down.

Make sure the sleeping bag of your choice has plenty of room for a pillow if you choose to use one.  You don’t want the drawstrings of a sleeping bag hood to be too long and get in your face.  Some hoods come with Velcro which can catch in your hair.

Many sleeping bags today are made with special features like a pocket for your LED light or for your watch.  This is very handy.  Another special feature is having the foot area of your sleeping bag able to be unzipped.  Then you can walk around in your sleeping bag on a chilly morning while you fix your coffee!

Remember that little word “loft” that I mentioned earlier?  In the world of sleeping bags, loft refers to the ability of the sleeping bag to be fluffed up.  When you are buying a new bag, press the bag down to see if it springs back up quickly.  If it doesn’t, you may want to put that bag back and try a different one.  The longer your bag stays fluffy, the more nights you will sleep comfortably.

Use these tips to help you find a sleeping bag that is just right for you.  And if the sales person is shocked to find you in a sleeping bag in the middle of the store, at least you will know if that sleeping bag is the best one for you!



How To Pick Out A Great Sleeping Bag