Incredible India – What makes it one?

India one of the most stunning and scenicallybeautiful countries of Southeast Asia has a rich culture, vivid scenery, breath-taking monuments, and profound history. A country that has inherited some of the incredible castles and forts in the world is also the home to flamboyant and glitzy five-star hotels.This country will take you on a tour where you will visit a fantastic combination of affluent history and jubilant present. A lot of things in India make it incredible.

1. Swim with fishes

The Andaman Islands of India are famous for their mystic white sand, scenic coastline, and mesmerizing turquoise water. These islands are located to the southeast of the Bay of Bengal with coral reef surrounding it. Tourists visiting India should mark this place in their diary. It’s a magical destination where you can swim in clear, warm waters of Andaman with fishes and coral reef. The natural beauty that India is blessed with makes this country incredible.

2. The Sacred Mask of Leh Hemis

India is a country with a rich culture in different regions. In Ladakh, the Buddhist community celebrates a unique mountain culture called Leh Hemis Festival. This 2-day festival is celebrated on the 10th-day of Tibetan Lunar month. It includes the sacred mask dance called Chaam with cymbals, longhorns, drums and swirls of fabric and ribbons.

3. Enjoy the hospitality

As much as scenic is India, the hospitality is full of warmth and care. India hosts some of the best palace hotels with excellent accommodations and scrumptious food. From north to south, the palace hotels in India are always ready to welcome their guests with open arms. A royal feeling is promised in this hospitality with its incredible service. People from around the world have enjoyed the stay in the palace hotels. There is an old saying in India, ‘The guests are god’, and these five-star hotels live up to these words.

4. The land of festivals

As diverse as the culture of India, so are the festivals. From Holi-The Festival of Colors in north India to Durga Puja in the east where people gather to worship the goddess Durga; India has countless festivals to enjoy in every corner of the country. Diwali-The Festival of Light is celebrated across the nation with immense enthusiasm and euphoria. Then in the south, Onam and Pongal are celebrated with unique sports such as boat race, kayaking etc. The diversity of festivals in this country makes India incredible.

5. Diversity in Languages

How about we tell you that there are around 1000 languages spoken across India? Surprised? The geological diversity has made India home to some of the ancient languages in the world namely Tamil and Sanskrit. Surprisingly, some of the European languages are inspired by these ancient Indian languages which make this country incredible once again.

India is not only a country but also a living example of a glorious past, thriving present and promising future. It has the subtlety of past and glitz of the future. India brings a unique experience to every tourist.