I was born and raised in California, and the farthest east I had ever been before marrying my wife was Vegas. When we got married, I started traveling more because of the work that we did together, and I found that I really enjoyed going to different cities and learning more about them. I had never been to New York City, but we were given an incredible opportunity to go there for ten days for a work project. Instead of looking at hotels in the area, I went to the Cuvee website instead to see if they had any available listings in this area.

They are the company we use when we travel internationally, so I was not sure if they would have anything in New York or not. I was happy to see that they do have listings in Manhattan, and we agreed that this was the way we wanted to go. While a hotel would be less expensive, it would also be boring and cramped. I wanted room to move about since we were going to be there for a minimum of ten days. I wanted the luxury of having more than one room to move around in, as well as a kitchen where we could have breakfast and an occasional evening meal.

When I saw the one bedroom condo overlooking Central Park, I knew that it was perfect for us. It has a nice sized living room, a fully equipped kitchen, a bedroom that is spacious, and a bathroom that is really nice as well. The best part is the location. It only takes us a few minutes to get to a fascinating spot in the city, because there are so many of them around. This is definitely the only way to enjoy a long term stay in the Big Apple!

Staying in the Big Apple