Black Beach is a clothing optional sandy beach located about 3 miles from La Jolla Shores. It is the only nudist beach in Southern California. Black Beach is named after the black family that used to run a horse farm there. The horse farm didn’t turn into profit so they sold it and it was divided into La Jolla Farm lots. La Jolla Farms retained everything including the private mansions, and the paths to the beach which was built by the Black family.

The blacks nude beach in san diego has a mixture of men, women and children. Most of the people who go naked are old men. There are 2 ways to descend to the beach. The first way is to descend a staircase near the glider facility. The second way is to descend down the Torrey Pines dirt trail on the cliff at the north part of the car park.

The Torrey Pines dirt trail is located next to the paragliding area. You can reach this dirt trail by walking around a rock. This trail is shorter but it is more slippery and has pebbles in the path. There is a third path down the beach which is the path the lifeguards use for driving emergency vehicles. The third path is safer but it is steep and can cause pain to your knee if your legs are not strong. Most people prefer the first path which has a lot of steps.

Descending down the staircase is the easy part. It takes about 10 minutes – 2 hours to climb down the stairs. It requires more energy and can be tiring to climb up the staircase. The steep stairs may be inconvenient for you if you are elderly or have mobility problem. It is nice to enjoy the top view scenery of the beach as you climb down the stairs.

Black’s Beach has flat sand that is firm and easy to walk on. It is frequently visited by sea birds such as whimbrel. Many people also come to this beach to carry out surfing activities. You can lay out a cloth and have a picnic. The sunset is beautiful when watched from here.

While at the Black’s Beach, you must be careful of your stuff as there are homeless people wandering around. If you have valuables, you can keep them in the car instead. You also should not be carrying too much stuff with you as the trail is steep with only a few areas have hand rails.

It is recommended that you wear sturdy shoes that has solid traction to avoid slipping. There is no toilet so make sure you already use the toilet at home before coming. It also does not have any trash can or food vendor. Therefore, you should prepare your own food and bring along a plastic bag for putting the rubbish.

Black’s Beach has strong waves so you must be careful when swimming. Life guards are present to watch those in the water until 6 pm every day. It is easy to spot stingrays in the water when its temperature is 50 degrees and above. La Jolla Cove is where you can see sea lions is only 20 minutes driving distance. There are several hotels in driving distance from Black’s Beach.

Tourist Guide on Black’s Nude Beach in San Diego