One of the worst ways to ruin your travel plans is to have your phone break before your trip! Nowadays a phone is lifeline to work, family and friends. It stores and keeps safe our most precious memories as well. Image making travel plans several months in advance and then several days before you leave you drop your phone and the screen cracks on the concrete. Or you somehow manage to drop it in water and it gets water damaged. Life happens and such things can happen at the most unexpected and inconvenient times. Mobile iPhone Repair Portland sympathizes with you, because we understand a phone in this day and age means everything. The great thing is that there is a way to fix your iPhone and get it repaired the same day so that your vacation and plans are unaffected by this tragedy. Our company specializes in a list of iPhone repair services, and will come to you the same day!

The most common repair we deal with is cracked screen/lcd repair. A lot of times replacing the screen is all that the repair requires but in more complicated cases, the lcd will also need to be repaired. All of our screens are original and the most quality in the repair market so you can rest assured that when we repair your screen it will be a job well done and your iPhone will look like new again! Battery failure is also a common problem with iPhones. If you feel like your iPhone isn’t charging, there are two possible causes for this problem. First, the battery might be bad because it doesn’t hold it’s charge and will need to be replace. The second possible issue could be a broken charging port. Our experts can diagnose the problem without even taking the phone apart and fix it for you in a timely manner. Most repairs take under 15 minutes! Mobile iPhone Repair Portland takes its work responsibility very seriously and will never let unqualified people touch your phone. Our screen repairs are backed by a 90 day warranty and all other repairs are backed with a 30 day warranty!

What To Do If Your iPhone Screen Cracks