You don’t need to be a foodie to enjoy Thai cuisine, but what you want to know is whether or not the dishes you sample will be the same as they are back home. Actually, in most cases, they are similar but not the same. It doesn’t matter that the chef at your favorite Thai restaurant hails from Thailand, it’s all about the ingredients used and the ability to cook authentic dishes with the ingredients to be found back home. Are you planning a trip to Phuket Island, staying in a hotel in the resort town of Patong? If so, here’s what you’ll want to know about the best restaurants in Patong.

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First – The One Warning You’ll Want to Heed

When traveling the world, you hear so many warnings that it sets your head spinning. You do want to sample the native cuisine of any country you are visiting. However, you don’t want to come down with some kind of foodborne illness, which can happen if you aren’t careful. While this isn’t usually a problem if you sample Thai cuisine from your luxury resort in Patong, it could be if you venture too far out and about sampling dishes from local street vendors. Even then, usually there are no problems with foodborne illnesses. What you will want to watch is the water. Visitors returning home suggest that you only drink bottled water in Thailand. Cooking with it is fine.

Thai Cuisine Is Delightfully Aromatic

Authentic Thai cuisine truly is delightfully aromatic. You’ve heard of jasmine rice and have probably eaten it countless times at your local Thai restaurant back home. With that in mind, you can also imagine just how aromatic all of their dishes are due to the herbs they use in literally every recipe. From Thai basil to lemongrass and fingerroot, you’ll be literally intoxicated by the scents drifting up to those olfactory receptors in your nose. They say that at least 80 percent of taste is smell, so with those aromatic Thai dishes, you can expect some of the most wonderful flavors of any cuisine around the world.

If You Can’t Take the Heat

There is something else about native Thai cuisine you should be aware of. At home, you probably order your dishes ‘native Thai’ to get that extra bit of heat you’ve come to enjoy. In Thailand, you need to multiply the heat factor of jalapenos times at least 23! Native Thai red peppers are among the hottest in the world and not easy to come by in the United States. Sometimes they are imported, but even those aren’t quite the same as those grown locally and produced mainly for Thai nationals. These peppers are HOT! If you can’t take the heat, no, don’t stay out of the kitchen, just tell the server to tone the dishes down to what is considered medium heat in Patong.

You will not find any other cultural food quite as delightfully delicious as Thai cuisine and what sets it apart from other Asian cuisine is that the sauces are lighter, more resembling soup than sauce. With all of this in mind, get ready to eat your way through your vacation. One taste and you’ll be addicted. That’s a guarantee!

What You Should Know Before Sampling Thai Cuisine in Patong