Importance of Using a Real Estate Agent Hiring a real estate agent is the best way to find a house to purchase faster than doing it yourself unless you have all the time in the world to go around and peek inside the homes you are interested in. Your preference might be with a swimming pool, or one without. Some people prefer fenced in yards for their pets and some like it big and open ground. What this means is that if you are looking for something specific, a real estate agent is the person whose job it is to know if there is a house out there to fit your needs. Until you find a house that satisfies you, the agent will not let you go. You can trust a realtor who is a member of the National Association of Realtors because all their transactions follow the association’s standard code. If the realtor is a member of the NAR, you are assured that your interests will be before their own. There are times when properties have problems which some realtors will not mention beforehand but with a realtor who is a member of the NAR, you can be assured that you are safe from any hidden or undisclosed problems.
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The teeth to this code is the governance by local boards that enforces the provision. They have stiff penalties including thousands of dollars as fine, a year suspension from the association or a three year expulsion.
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You can trust a realtor to give you a fair price of the property since they are experienced in this kind of trade. You cannot easiy pull it this out in the internet. If you give you a peg price you will not be able to make a bargain anymore because they can readily identify troubles that you don’t see and they are able to recommend to you a good independent house inspector who will give you a detailed report that can make or break a deal. Also, not all homes for sale are publicized because people to do want to actively advertise it. There can be a number of reasons, some for personal reasons, for dispersing it publicly – wealth problems, financial problems or the divorce factor. There are people who, during the holidays, do not want the sale to be advertised. When you do your own home purchasing you will have to submit a lot of documentation. These documentation would include the written offer, the written and signed counter offer, the little details and what actually is included and onto included in the sale. If you miss something important then you will have to go into a lot of trouble find it. You can save your day if you hire a real estate agent.

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