3 Exotic Balinese SPA Treatments You Should Try Out While in Bali

3 Exotic Balinese SPA Treatments You Should Try Out While in Bali

Nothing beats a nice, relaxing SPA treatment or bath while holidaying in a tranquil tropical paradise somewhere in Southeast Asia.  A good SPA treatment helps rejuvenate your body, promotes better sleep, destresses you, relieves everyday aches and pains, increases your happiness and so much more. Everyone should reward their body with a relaxing SPA massage and treatment after working so hard to make a living.

Bali, like the rest of Indonesia, is a popular destination for holidaymakers looking for a relaxing and sometimes, adventurous, vacation. Besides the warm sandy beaches and tropical forests, Bali is also famous for its array of exotic and traditional SPA treatments offered in some of the best resorts on the island. There is a wide array of SPA treatments and massages to choose from, here are three of the best you should try when in Bali:

The Traditional Balinese SPA 

This is the most basic SPA treatment that you can get in Bali. Meant to give the patient a relaxing, rejuvenating feeling, this SPA treatment is usually done outside where you can breathe the warm, tropical breeze and be one with nature. Bali sourced Natural herbs, oils, and marine ingredients are used to release tension of the muscles with soft, repetitive kneading movements on the back and shoulders. You have to try it to experience it, it’s worth every penny!

The Exotic Mandi Luru Bath

This one is truly special, the mandi luru bath is one of the best spa treatments available in Bali. Consisting of three sessions, the mandi luru bath will leave anyone feeling pampered and relaxed like they have just been reborn. It starts with a soft massage using locally sourced coconut oil infused with freshly picked frangipani and jasmine flowers. The SPA on rocks offered by the Ayana resorts is easily best spa in Bali for this type of treatment.

The frangipani flower is one of the most fragrant nighttime flowers available in Bali. It symbolizes the strength to rise to life’s challenges, creating a bond with the spirits, intense love and bonding and so much more. Try this special SPA treatment at dusk to experience the fresh scents of the Balinese frangipani and jasmine.

When you are fully relaxed, the second phase involves a wash and rub procedure using a local mixture of rice and natural spices such as turmeric. This process will not only remove dead skin but also leave your body glowing. It’s the most intense and meticulously done procedures in the SPA session.  

The last step is less intense but perhaps the most relaxing of them all. You’ve probably seen pictures of people soaked in a bath filled with exotic flowers in Balinese brochures. This is exactly what you get as the last step in the mandi luru SPA treatment. A warm bath will be prepared with fragrant flowers for you to soak and relax as you watch the sunset over the horizon.

The Bore- A Favorite of Balinese Resorts

The bore is perhaps one of the most popular SPA treatments available in the many resorts lining the Balinese coast. You can choose from a myriad of traditional exfoliation procedures that leave your skin glowing and soft. The bore is the best SPA treatment for those who want to get rid of muscle aches, pains, a cold, itchy skin, and stiff neck. 

The bore involves soft but intense rubbing and massaging of the skin with a thick paste made from natural ingredients such as sandalwood, ginger and marine plant and animal extracts. There is an unlimited number of procedures and natural pastes to choose from based on the resort you choose to take the treatment. The bore might appear simple but is actually one of the best traditional SPA treatment options available on the island

Final Remarks

Remember to get your tradition treatment while in Bali, you will never forget the experience. Bali is known for its wide array of traditional SPA treatments. There are many more special SPA treatments available on the island that could not be included here such as the Bakera postpartum treatment. Hope you enjoy your Bali vacations and come back for more!