It Came From the Ala Wai: 6 Strange Creatures That Thrive in Waikīkī’s Sewage Filled Canal

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Lots of things, including a fish that can literally give you nightmares. October 23, David ThompsonPhotos: Elyse Butler Mallams An old film clip in the archives of the Bishop Museum shows a group of children and adults, in early 20th-century swimwear, frolicking in the waters of the Ala Wai Canal. Contact with its murky water—filled with bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, and who knows what else—can be hazardous to your health. As the dedicated canoe paddlers who practice on the Ala Wai are well aware, even light splashes can cause rashes, boils and gastro-intestinal troubles. Sure, the canal is a massive drainage ditch for a swath of city stretching from Punchbowl to Diamond Head. Olivia Nigro takes a water sample.

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