4 Reasons Why Hotel Sex is the Hottest

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A romp outside of the bedroom can sometimes feel more satisfying than your run-of-the-mill quickie before work or bed. But what makes hotel sex so great has actually more do to with your brain chemistry than with those count Egyptian cotton sheets. As a result, the entire experience is incredibly more sensual and sexually stimulating. Spinning with dopamine, that is. Aside from offering a euphoric high without the drugs, here are a few more reasons why you should make plans for hotel sex: Check in to check out. Then you reap all the benefits of getting away without having to go too far. The best part?

Absolutely, anyone can make a acute, last-minute call to a scuzzy motel and do what desire to be done, but but out-of-the-house sexual rendezvous are at the same time as frequent an occurrence in your life as they are all the rage mine, then it pays en route for be selective about what suffices for doing dirty deeds. Having a full-time husband at abode means hotels have become a way of life for me in maintaining healthy, consensually non-monogamous relationships outside of my basic partnership. There are many reasons why I typically book a room rather than use my diminutive San Francisco one-bedroom. Agree with, long-distance relationships that require traveling are my jam, since arrangement conflicts are harder to appear by.

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