Mort Fertel: Marriage Fitness With Mort Fertel

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As soon as I walked through the front door I felt restless, obsessing about the fact that I hadn't done enough exercise that day to burn off all the calories I'd just eaten. It was gone midnight but it didn't matter. I began to run up and down on the spot. I calculated that I'd need to do this for at least an hour before I could allow myself to go to bed. Fitness fanatic: Janice Utley says she does between three and four hours of exercise a day Afterwards, I was so hyper that I couldn't sleep. That's what life as an exercise addict is like.

Be able to This Program Help You? But you want to re-connect along with your spouse, I can act you how to do it. How can I be sure? Unlike other relationship experts who approach this topic from a clinical perspective, for me cutback marriages is very personal… Calamity In My Marriage My Account Love My wife and I were deeply in love. I remember staying up all dark talking, surprising each other along with thoughtful gifts, and speaking en route for each other in code words. You know the feeling of really being connected? That was us.

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