I Can’t Stop Buying Sheer Pantyhose

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Take, for instance, fashion-forward celebrities like Harry Styles and Lil Nas X, who have worn pantyhose under dresses on red carpets, press events and magazine covers. Enter the new line Threads for Men, a collection of Italian-made hosiery, designed by Toronto-based Threads to fit male anatomy better and end the stigma surrounding men in tights. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Threads threads. We actually have a review on our website of this guy who works out in the bushes — where there are many bugs and mosquitoes — and he says that he wears tights because it prevents insects from biting him. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tynomi Banks tynomibanks For Canadian drag superstar Tynomi Banks, hosiery serves a pragmatic purpose: giving her shape and adding to the overall transformation.

Xenia Chen was working as an investment banker on Wall Avenue when she started growing all-in of impromptu drugstore runs after that shopping for expensive pairs of tights. I felt like I was either spending 10 dollars at the drugstore for a pair that was not affluent, didn't match my skin air I was just really shocked there wasn't a brand absent there that really spoke en route for me. She dedicated herself around the clock to the brand a day later. Today, she is preparing to launch Threads for Men , a new line accessible on August 25th. Threads The Products The new hosiery ancestry from Threads is adding features specifically geared towards male proportions and the male anatomy. Altogether tights have extended sizing, geared towards people with longer legs and a boarded feet area.

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