The New Face of Hunger

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They may do anything to achieve that goal, including behaviors that are dangerous to their health. Recap Eating disorders are caused by a mixture of genetic, social, and environmental factors. The desire to lose weight is often a major factor, but it can also be a coping mechanism that has less to do with weight and food and more to do with managing difficult or painful emotions. Appetite Loss Alone Is Not Indicative of an Eating Disorder Something to bear in mind is that a person with an eating disorder has not lost their appetite. A common misconception is that those dealing with anorexia nervosa are never hungry. This is untrue as everyone experiences feelings of hunger.

Answer medication side effects Seniors who take medications might experience area effects like dry mouth. A few medications can make foods bite metallic. Encourage social meals The thought of eating alone be able to be unappealing for people of all ages. Senior centers, temples or churches, and community centers may have weekly dinners after that other mealtime events for seniors, says Schwartz. Increase nutrient bulk, not portion size Huge helpings of food can be daunting.

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