Slimming tea: Does it work and is it bad for you?

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Diuretics can lead to: electrolytes loss or fluctuations, causing cardiac arrhythmia and death muscle cramps fluid loss followed by fluid regain Increased metabolism Many slimming teas claim to boost the metabolism, but research regarding the additives found in slimming tea is very limited. That said, the polyphenols found naturally in green and black teas have shown some promise in assisting with weight loss and metabolic improvement in animal and human studies. The FDA also report increasing complaints from consumers who have used slimming teas and other natural weight loss supplements. The companies that make slimming teas often target people who are desperate to find a solution that works or who want to lose weight quickly.

Be concerned about reducing your sodium intake en route for make your face appear dieter. Summary Reducing your intake of sodium may help reduce adaptable retention and decrease bloating after that puffiness in your face. Eat more fiber One of the most popular recommendations for diet your face and losing brashness fat is to increase your intake of fiber. Fiber is a compound in plant foods that moves slowly through your digestive tract, keeping you affection fuller for longer to check cravings and decrease appetite

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