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Contractor, Dewey Beach Zodiac sign: Virgo. Born and raised on a horse farm in Sussex County, John Drury grew up cultivating a love for animals and the outdoors. Dad to a rescue dog, Drury hopes to expand his own crew in a house he plans to buy or build this year. Best date spot: La Fable in Rehoboth. Favorite holiday: Fourth of July—warm weather, friends, family and cookouts.

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At once that tattoos are getting add intricate and smaller, there seems to be no limits en route for where you can get a bit of ink. Alongside abiding spots like arms and ankles, dainty designs are popping ahead inside ears, in between fingers and tucked beneath our hairline. As well as statement tatts that demand attention, we're conclusion surprising and intimate spots so as to allow others to see a flash of our inkings at the same time as we reach for a alcoholic drink or turn our head devoid of being too obvious. Plus, they're easy to cover up but need be.

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