Tim Duncan Revs Up Style in His Car Shop Revealing a Rare Portrait of a Legend

Girl from Duncan 55907

Stepping out of his blue Porsche Turbo with gold-finished Pur Wheels—one of his nine customized cars—Duncan opens the front door wearing sunglasses, army cargo shorts and a T-shirt with the ThunderCats logo of the animated TV series. He greets his BlackJack business partner and friend for 18 years, Jason Pena, with a special handshake, only reserved for the two of them. They give each other three slaps with their right hand, a creative touch you wouldn't see from the no-nonsense basketball version of Duncan. Then he grabs a yellow-canned Red Bull in a mini-fridge by the front desk and leads two people—his older brother, Scott, an Emmy award-winning filmmaker and photographer, who rode with Duncan to the shop, and a writer—upstairs into BlackJack's main office. He leans back in a reclining chair at the desk and sips his drink, then turns around and jokingly knocks on the huge glass window overlooking the car manufacturing area to get his staff's attention below. Duncan is the boss in this uniquely fun world for The Big Fundamental, far removed from his structured and subdued persona in the NBAavoiding the public eye with no social media and few appearances. The year-old likes discipline and concentrated effort in hoops and training, which includes Muay Thai, kickboxing and swimming. He even cooks for himself, usually grilling ribs, steak and chicken, without the use of a personal chef as many superstars have. Basketball to Duncan is his job with no fanfare.

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