Measuring Vaccination Impact & Coverage

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Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Be the first one to review. The arrival of COVID vaccines has given people promising hope and reassurance that we may be one step closer to getting the pandemic behind us. Yet, there's still a wide percentage of people who remain unvaccinated- some due to the short supply of vaccines, some because of their own will. Not only is someone who's unvaccinated at a heavy risk of catching the infection- but they also pose a risk of infection transmission. The risks from not being vaccinated, too, double up. So, in situations like these, how safe is it actually to meet someone who is unvaccinated?

Vaccine certificates were introduced in a bid to make travel easier. Some countries, like Greece after that Turkey, will allow everyone en route for enter, but double-jabbed holidaymakers accomplish not need to take tests, whereas unvaccinated travellers do. Erstwhile countries will only permit vaccinated travellers — such as Malta and the USA when it reopens. Proving your vaccination category is therefore vital for go in some cases. Individual countries also have their own rules on which vaccines they acknowledge, with concerns that some nations may not allow travellers access who have had a a few batch of AstraZeneca vaccines affected in India.

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