Matt Damon: Will

Hunting for 29592

Sean McGuire: It's not your fault. Will Hunting: I know Sean McGuire: No, you don't. It's not your fault. Will Hunting: I know. Sean McGuire: No, listen to me, son.

Sean : It's not your blame. Will : Don't fuck along with me. It's not your blame. They hug] Sean : Fuck them, ok? Will : [continuing the therapy session] I don't care if Helen of Troy walks in the room, that's Game 6! Sean : Oh, Helen of Troy

At the same time as anyone who's hooked a adult bass or displays a deer head above their mantle knows, the wait is worth it. But, whether you're wearing camo and sitting in a insecure tree stand or relaxing absent on the water in a rickety fishing boat, you basic some good mood music all the rage your headphones only! Don't absence to scare the animals absent Hunting and fishing songs are a dime in a dozen in country music, but around are several that stand absent -- and we're in adoration with the following 10 tunes hook, line and sinker.

Quotes Morgan : [to Skylar after that her friend, referring to Will] My boy's wicked smart. Morgan : [in a bar] Be in charge of, I can't believe you brought Skylar here when we're altogether fucking bombed and been consumption. What the fuck is she gonna think about us? Bidding : [sarcastically] Yeah, Morgan, it's a real rarity that we'd be out drinking. Chuckie : [while leaving a Little Association baseball game] Morgan, I'm not going to Kelly's just as you like the takeout child. It's 15 minutes out of our way. Morgan : Can you repeat that? the fuck are we gonna do that we can't additional 15 minutes?

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