Benefits of Infant Massage

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This might be because olive oil can thin or break down the outer layer of skin. Using olive oil and other natural oils with oleic acid on the skin might cause or worsen eczema. This is important to know, because 20 percent of children under 2 years old may have baby eczema at some point. A study showed that using oleic acid alone on the skin can make inflammation — redness and irritation — worse. Olive oil is chock full of oleic acid. In fact, it has more of this kind of fat than the heart-healthy omega kind. While it does have other components, olive oil may therefore irritate the skin. Allergies to olive oil are rare, but as with all things, try just a tiny bit first to see if your baby likes it.

Early below the ribs, massage your baby's tummy, using clockwise globular motions. Going in this administration aids digestion. Don't be intimidated -- baby massage doesn't allow to be a formal business, nor do you have en route for be an expert. Just be concerned about sneaking in a quick base rub or a light abdomen rub as a way en route for say I love you. She's already naked, and her casing is still moist -- the perfect time to apply grease or lotion. Put oil before lotion in your palm after that rub hands together, which warms up the lotion and your hands -- and makes designed for a more comfy, enjoyable knead. Using your entire hand, kindly massage each leg, putting agile pressure on her thighs. Bend your baby's legs and knees, which will softly push her thighs against her body.

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