Murder of George Floyd

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Although Senior Constable Mark Follington at once admits the story he wrote after violently arresting Anya Bradford in was very different en route for what occurred. Follington, 61, has pleaded not guilty to tampering with evidence with intent en route for mislead a court and four other offences over the Can arrest in southwest Sydney. He denies deliberately concocting a artificial story that was used en route for charge Ms Bradford with assaulting police, saying he filled absent police and court documents en route for the best of his aptitude. Anya Bradford believes she was wrongfully arrested. Ms Bradford kicked Follington, ran off and was pursued into the foyer of another building, where he pulled her out of a boost, another officer used pepper aerosol and the woman was handcuffed. Mark Follington now admits can you repeat that? he wrote after arresting a woman was different to can you repeat that? occurred. Ms Bradford was not subject of a warrant. Although the police officer denied so as to constituted assault, explaining he had no gloves and needed en route for move her face before she spat on him.

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