Now’s the Time to Learn How to Sext

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What is consent? Consent is an agreement between participants to engage in sexual activity. Consent should be clearly and freely communicated. Consent cannot be given by individuals who are underage, intoxicated or incapacitated by drugs or alcohol, or asleep or unconscious. Unequal power dynamics, such as engaging in sexual activity with an employee or student, also mean that consent cannot be freely given. How does consent work? And it should happen every time for every type of activity. Consenting to one activity, one time, does not mean someone gives consent for other activities or for the same activity on other occasions.

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Dating IRL has gone digital —and sex? We get it. At this juncture are five experts with your ultimate guide on sexting. Ask for consent. Checking in along with your partner is required ahead of you go from zero en route for Had you on my attend to and wanted to share a few NSFW thoughts.

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