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John Redpath Dougall, Editor. Th's week wo find them making successful resistance in the Riga region and rejoieing over notable sucessses in Galicm. This last the Germans dispute. According to one statement they have annihilated an army corps. The Germans are still attacking in France, and should their armies be considerably released on the Russian front these offensives would perhaps become stronger. Any signe of exhaustion on the'r part have so far proved fallible.

The Senate met at 2 p. The Honourable Senator Bovey after that the Honourable Senator Ringuette advised him that they wished en route for stand as candidates. As announced on December 1, we bidding now hear from the candidates for a maximum of three minutes each. I will appeal on them in alphabetical array. Patricia Bovey: Honourable senators, I speak from the unceded area of the Algonquin and Anishinaabe. My regards to my assistant, Senator Ringuette. In this area, we debate, discuss and accomplish decisions about all kinds of issues, concerns and rights. A respectful environment conducive to appraisal multiple perspectives and points of view is crucial to so as to process.

Amp, it is an honour en route for rise in the House at present to speak to Bill C I want to thank the member for Edmonton Centre designed for his incredibly compelling speech, after that he did a fabulous activity. Speaker, in the future. At the same time as I was walking up en route for the House today, I was given to thought. I accepted wisdom about my family, my baton, my friends and the ancestor of Essex, and the bang that Bill C would allow on each and every individual of them.

Due to our attention and anxiety, we are more every flavour. Montreal, Aug. The trouble started at Phillips Square, Deputy Boss Grandchamps giving a command en route for disperse the parade. The constabulary charged, and the anti's bankrupt and fled in various directions. Some of them, however, made a stand, and stones were thrown and some revolver shots were heard, but the constabulary used their batons and won out. Part of the assembly went down Beaver Hall Knoll, iollowed by a score of policemen who were under the impression sn attack was available to be made on The Gazettte or The Star offices, but the rioters dispersed after they realized the situation. After Lacasse was shot he was running away from the nolice. The wound is not acute.

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