Listening Comprehension Sample Questions

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What Should I Remember? Even though it was noon on a very hot summer day, she decided to walk from the grocery store to her home. At 72—healthy and active—Suyin thought the heat would be no match for her! Yet, after walking just one block, she felt dizzy and weak. Too much heat is not safe for anyone. It is even riskier if you are older or have health problems. It is important to get relief from the heat quickly. If not, you might begin to feel confused or faint. Your heart could become stressed and stop beating.

Female The speaker we invited en route for our economics club meeting after everything else night was fantastic. Man That's what I heard. I'm apologetic I missed it. Narrator Can you repeat that? does the man mean? He did not attend the appointment. He has heard the amp before. He is not a member of the economics alliance. After each conversation or address, you will hear some questions. You will hear the conversations and talks and the questions about them only 1 age.

How Will You Get Around? Sheila's Story At age 78, Sheila thinks she's a good driver, but, this year, she's had a minor accident and a number of near misses. She's noticed a few new dents on her car and doesn't know how they got there. Sheila wonders how she can stay anodyne behind the wheel. Have you been worried about your driving? Have your family or friends expressed concern?

At this juncture you will find in-depth in a row on some of the a good number common safety problems novice adolescent drivers should avoid. Educate by hand about the consequences of against the law alcohol use by minors, the benefits of seat belt abuse, the growing epidemic of abstracted driving, and much more. Attempt Factors Your teen sees a driver's license as a action toward freedom, but you capacity not be sure your adolescent is ready for the boulevard. One thing is certain: adolescence aren't ready to have the same level of driving accountability as adults. Teen drivers allow a higher rate of critical crashes, mainly because of their immaturity, lack of skills, after that lack of experience.

Your senses become less sharp, after that this can make it harder for you to notice details. Sensory changes can affect your lifestyle. You may have problems communicating, enjoying activities, and staying involved with people. Sensory changes can lead to isolation. Your senses receive information from your environment. This information can be in the form of activate, light, smells, tastes, and affect.

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