I’m a straight man but I am disturbed by my fantasy of being a woman having sex with a guy

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It does disturb me that I think like this and I can get obsessively worried about it. I have had obsessive thoughts of all kinds in the past. Many people are disturbed by their fantasies; the images can be embarrassing, repugnant, even unacceptably shocking. But it is perfectly common to have fantasies about sexual acts one has no intention of carrying out in reality. And our fantasies may contain scenes involving unlikely characters who are protagonists in scenarios that represent our deep desires — even if we do not recognise how. If you identify with the woman in your fantasy, it may simply be that you experience arousal when you are connected with the basic erotic concepts of the scene — for example, receiving penetration, being submissive and so on. Some men — gay or straight — like to role-play in vivo at being female and receiving penetration, domination or punishment by a man or woman.

Why do some straight men allow sex with other men? Tony Silva argues that these men — many of whom benefit from hunting, fishing and shooting guns — are not closeted, bisexual or just experimenting. After interviewing 60 of these men above three years, Dr. Silva bring into being that they enjoy a array of relationships with other men, from hookups to sexual friendships to secretive loving partnerships, altogether while strongly identifying with above-board culture. We spoke with Dr. Silva about his book. Why do straight-identified men have femininity with other men? The adult year of the men I interviewed reported that they are above all attracted to women, not men.

After a closeted gay or bisexual man has sex with a different man, he views that femininity as reflecting his secret character. He is not open a propos that identity, likely because he fears discrimination. When a above-board man has sex with a different man, however, he views himself as straight despite his femininity with men. Large nationally agent surveys show that hundreds of thousands of straight American men — at least — allow had sex with two before more other men.

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