The Benefits of Play for Adults

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Williams Thursday, July 7, Throughout time, education has been the way human beings pass down knowledge, values, and culture to subsequent generations. Yet, contextual factors define what kind of change each era faces, and what tools are needed to best deal with that change. Currently, there are changes in at least three notable domains with major implications for education: technology, work, and globalization. Within each of these domains there is promise for a better future where the world is more connected, efficient and equal. Today and in the future, we will need young people who are prepared to harness these promises and mitigate these challenges. Technology Technology from the wheel to the printing press to the mobile phone has shaped human history and will undoubtedly continue to do so. Today, computers and the digital revolution are spreading across the globe, creating connections we have never before imagined and possibilities and perils only before dreamed of in science fiction.

This can help if: you absence to embrace cultural differences you want to learn how en route for understand cultural differences you absence to learn how to address to people from different backgrounds. Cultural awareness, or cultural compassion, is being aware that artistic differences and similarities exist, although not judging people based arrange that. Why is cultural alertness important? Australia is super-multicultural, which means that people and traditions from many other countries after that cultures are noticeable and distinguished. This makes you less apt to treat someone differently, a minute ago because they are from a different culture or ethnicity than you. Ways to build artistic understanding and awareness It be able to be very easy to affix with what you know, considerably than try to meet ancestor who are different from you. However, actively trying to absorb and embrace cultural differences be able to open you up to a whole world of experiences.

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