7 Leadership Lessons Men Can Learn from Women

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As we have argued beforethe real problem is not a lack of competent females; it is too few obstacles for incompetent males, which explains the surplus of overconfident, narcissistic, and unethical people in charge. As a consequence, gender differences in leadership effectiveness what it takes to perform well are out of sync with gender differences in leadership emergence what it takes to make it to the top. Indeed, research shows that the prevalence of male senior leaders is not a product of superior leadership talent in men. Rather, large quantitative studies, including meta-analysesindicate that gender differences in leadership talent are either nonexistent, or they actually favor women. With this in mind, it would be more logical to flip the suggested remedy: instead of encouraging women to act like male leaders many of whom are incompetentwe should be asking men in power to adopt some of the more effective leadership behaviors more commonly found in women. This would create a pool of better role models who could pave the way for both competent men and women to advance. Leadership Lessons for Men Here are some critical leadership lessons that most men can learn from the average woman. Since there has never been a strong correlation between leaning in and being good at something — especially for men —a better option would be to stop falling for people who lean in when they lack the talents to back it up.

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