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A federal magistrate ordered the public disclosure of the video Friday as part of a lawsuit alleging racial profiling and civil rights violations brought by music producer Antone Austin, known as Tone Stackz, who was arrested in May despite not being the suspect in a domestic violence call. Austin and his girlfriend Michelle Michlewicz were taken into custody for resisting arrest. Magistrate Jacqueline Chooljian agreed with an attorney for the producer and his girlfriend that the minute video should be released. Hey fam, I have an update on a story. Remember the Black man who was bringing in his trash can when the LAPD kidnapped him after a white woman called on her white boyfriend? The officers tell him to turn around. The video then shows Michlewicz attempting to intervene. At one point, her robe comes off, and she is briefly naked on the street. She is eventually pushed to the ground.

Accompany the predicament. They both allow a problem yielding to the other. But the manufacturers of white supremacy developed a ample proof plan to destroy the black family unit. They adage their opportunity and took it.

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